A Necessary Pain

How Hurt Helped

I Deserved To Die

Where was the man? When everybody stood there with stones in their hands Ready to brutally murder me for my life is quicksand My accusers accuse me. Sinners in the judgment seat As if they haven’t slaughtered enough of these... Continue Reading →

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The Gospel- It’s time to drop the ball

It's okay, drop the ball. Let's stop handing down shame, guilt, and disgrace.

Color Me Uninfluenced

From the onset of her morning sickness, my identity was already being shaped The room doused in pink because that’s just how things are done Children are born every minute with very little stake in who they’ll be Wooden blocks... Continue Reading →


I used to ask where were you, but I knew that already Absent, not present, the heartbeat of neglect is steady With each pulse, I’m reminded that I never had a father figure So, with each pulse, I strived to... Continue Reading →

On The Fence

  I’m at the point in my life where I desire to build lasting relationships with worthy people. Yet, I am on the fence that was made by my shame. I’ve been rejected so many times that the fence is... Continue Reading →

The Day I Stopped Trying

This year I resolve to stop trying to do better. I resolve to stop relying on my human effort as if I can somehow master things that for the better parts of my existence have mastered me. Am I giving... Continue Reading →

Why God?

A friend and I were discussing trusting the Lord when you don’t know why. In fact, she stated that I shouldn’t try to understand why but rather continue to believe if not increase in believing. Some situations in life provoke... Continue Reading →

Just Die Already

What do you do when you’ve suffered long? Your faith has taken major blows because it knew how to withstand the storm but not a deluge lasting for an indefinite period. You’ve been suffering so long that it has become... Continue Reading →

A Command to Rest

Sometimes caregivers get into the habit of feeling that they always have to be "on". They may be riddled with feeling that if they take a break for one quick moment trouble will ensue. I am one of those kinds... Continue Reading →

A Caregivers Confession- Create The Door LLC

The Lord has been dealing with me about creating an organization to support people who are struggling like me. I'm not sure if you know it but my son is severely Autistic. When I was in ministerial training, I had... Continue Reading →

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