The Wedding



Don’t blink hard, surely don’t sleep
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is so weak
Demonic powers coming harder than concrete
Try to knock you out the game, so you can’t speak
Yet I’m redeemed, reborn, drenched in the power of the blood
Jesus set me free, I’m kept see, eyes open, joy floods
The vestibules of my heart, Because
Once I was lost -now I’m found
Satan’s got a grudge
Against the children of God- in God’s sight there is no smudge
Of evil or wickedness, all He sees is his Son
Satan mask up and get ready,
Cause here I come
I’m behemoth with a mic, on fire for Christ
If you coming for me, you better think twice
Cause I live what I write, devouring demons at night
Waking up to grace and mercy
Awaiting the bridegroom
Then it’s time to throw rice

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