Beauty, Love, & Shame

beauty is not in a bottle, tube or cream
it is not the veneer or what men seem
beauty is blood shed on Calvary
the cup that was not passed for our intimacy
love is not on the cover of magazines
it is not in roses, diamonds or figurines
love is the forgiveness so undeserved
open arms so tender and gentle heart reserved
shame is not what a believer should carry
it is not fruit from the spirit; so don’t worry
no matter what your past, no matter how you came
you can be made whole, purified, in Jesus name
God’s will is not always what you think
pay close attention to the master don’t blink
before you know it the time will be here
every knee shall bow every tongue revere
admitting what’s been known before time
that Christ is saviour and king
don’t try to figure it out He knows everything
Beauty, Love and Shame
How do they all relate
because of Jesus, we are
beautiful, loved and guilt free
Come to Christ before it’s too late.

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