Can I Be My Friend?

Some may have read my previous blogs and wondered how such identity theft could be restored. After all, I hated everything about me. Doubtful, I’d ever take the time to get to know who I actually was. Contrary to my internal and external critics, I am worth getting to know.

So how does it work? Can I be my own friend? Can I talk nice to myself even when others may not, approve of myself unconditionally, and eventually learn to love myself. The answer is a resounding, YES!!

The basis of this interest in me, is from my Father God, and His Son, my Savior Jesus Christ. Before God, my self appraisal was so minimal the proverbial gutter was acceptable. The following steps can be applied in any order to anyone seeking to come to know themselves better.

It is best not to approach yourself with hands open seeking only what can been gained tangibly, just as in any relationship. Rather, approach yourself seeking a quality relationship. By the way, I am a mom and a wife; I am learning to  engage myself while meeting the needs of hubby and tickle bunny.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Itemize everything about you that you feel is unacceptable or others have criticized you about. It’s so easy to come up with this list isn’t it? 

Step 2: Find something beautiful, praiseworthy, or amazing about each item on the list we just created. Tougher right?

Step 3: To prevent a relapse on our perception of ourselves, let’s pray and ask God to help us love ourselves like He loves us.

Step 4: Say something nice to you daily. Feels weird. People probably have painted the picture that if you do things like this you are conceited, or worse, your not good enough to feel good about yourself.

Step 5: If there is something that YOU feel could use improvement in you, work on it. Most of us know what we want and how to accomplish it we just lack the motivation. You can probably guess the next step.

Step 6: Find out what motivates you. Incentives, a sense of accomplishment, quotes, music, and etc. Supply yourself with what motivates you. For me, the word of God is my biggest motivator. God teaches me to believe in me. Fiddlesticks! I revealed the next step.

Step 7: Believe in you. We believe all kinds of things like the news, media, and infomercials. Some of us even believe lies from Satan. Trade your sorrows, and believe the truth. Believe in you!!

That’s it. Simply take the love, affection , and energy that you put in others, and invest it in you. I guarantee you are worth it. As I write I become electrified with motivation. Walking in my calling is more exhilarating than anything I’ve ever tried. Date yourself. Wait on yourself. Be patient with yourself. Ask God for wisdom to keep a distance from crossing the line of self-love into becoming self-centered. There is a difference. I serve and submit to my husband, and gently raise my son, but not to my neglect,and vice versa.

Yours in Christ,

Lady Jay 

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