Why Should I Trust God?

For some, the question would be, “How could I not trust God?”I can think of an innumerable amount of reasons why others may feel that trusting God is risky. God is intangible, not scientifically proven, and often difficult to understand.

With that being said, without faith, trusting God is nearly impossible.Quite frequently, God will tell me what He has planned for me, yet my current state could not be more contrary. To strengthen my faith, I look to other biblical characters with similar imbalances in reality and what God said.

David, was told by God that he would be a king in Saul’s stead, yet at the present time he was the least of his brothers, according to his father, and a mere sheppard. Moses was told that He would lead God’s people out of bandage, but he was not confident due to his speech limitations.

God has shared several things regarding my future and my purpose that could not be any further from my current position in life. I give God the glory when I rejoice in what I can’t see! It feels so good when I tell my son to wait a minute, knowing that I have something for him that I prepared without him knowing, and he patiently trusts and waits.

In fact, I feel the most connected with my son when he believes that I want the best for him and patiently waits for me. How much more does God, giver, creator, and sustainer of all things deserve our patience and trust. The benefits of trusting in the Lord are exponentially greater than the perceived risks of believing, and waiting patiently for the Lord.

The more God comes through the easier it is to have faith for the next miracle, breakthrough, blessing, or sustenance. God wants us to have faith to walk on water in storms, speak to mountains, stand before rulers, and proclaim the gospel against all odds.

What’s interesting is that each of us have faith in something. Even agnostics and atheists believe in unbelief. Those of a carnal nature have there faith in the things of this world: popularity, money, and status. After close introspection and a divine revelation, I pray that you can answer the question, “Why Should I Trust God?”

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