Pain Has Purpose


I never knew it was possible to be numb and in pain,

All the heartache and  bitterness was it all in vain?

Have I learned anything? What was it all for?

Is God getting the glory from this heart sore?

It is not nor will it ever be the good Lord’s fault.

That I allowed a criminal to plunder my vault.

Engaged in fleshly business; my vision went blind

Spiritual discernment was left behind

The voice of the Holy Spirit was put on mute

Chasing wind, chasing wind all the way out of His will

Far from the promised land yet still

I hear a voice way off in the distance

A hear a voice and I feel a tug

Tugging on my heart calling out my name

I am here and I love you the same

I never left you and yes I forgive your sins

Wipe the tears from your eyes

The enemy never wins

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