Addictive Praise & Worship

Often addiction has a negative connotation; however, in this sense it could not be more positive. Whilst I worship and praise God , for being God, I want more of Him. I have tried and abused just about every drug out there; I sought to escape my current emotional or physical state. I wanted nothing more than to stop feeling or experiencing what I was going through. To the contrary, when I praise and worship, my goal is to remain in God’s presence. When I am in God’s presence, the inconsistencies in life do not matter, issues shrink back down to size, and my purpose shines forth.

The gift of God’s presence is incomparable to anything in this world. God is creator, healer, provider, deliverer, protector, righteous, love, omnipotent, and omnipresent to say the least. To be in God’s face, up close and personal, is to experience all that He is at once. Lifted from my feet, beyond my difficulties, deep into His heart – I worship, and praise! It takes a some effort to get and remain in God’s presence.

Fear has to dissipate. “Fear not”, is mentioned in the KJV of the bible over 70 times. I desperately have to be where God is, so if I have to get a divorce from fear, and annul my relationship with doubt so be it. Hebrews 4:16 states that we are to approach God boldly, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” How can I possibly be afraid if God himself is inviting me to come to Him boldly.

Boldness is loosely translated into possessing confidence and courage. As sinful as we are, God issues this invitation. Oh glory, Hallelujah! Often, I tend to be nervous around people: supervisors, coworkers, even fellow worshippers. Divinely, it has been revealed to me, that if I am to come boldly before God, He who created the entire universe, is in control of the final destination of my soul, and governs every beat of my heart, how can I possibly be afraid of man? I digress.

When I come before God to worship and praise Him, I acknowledge my desire to experience more of Him and less of this world. I’ve encountered individuals who claim to love me, but will not give me their time. People may try to throw money at God to profess their love, yet refuse to tithe their time. Worshiping and praising God takes time. Some may say, “What’s the point?”,”After worshiping and praising God, my situation is still the same!” Our situations may not change for the better, or may even get worse after the praise and the worship; however, our perspective of those situations should be changed.

Worship is a visual, physical representation and display to God that He is bigger than everything that is going on in our lives. In fact when we worship we are prioritizing our lives. We are saying God I got bills, but you are bigger, I hate my job, but you are bigger, what’s up with the election-you are bigger, when will I be appreciated-you are bigger, my health is failing-but  you are bigger. Addictive praise, is the art of getting in God’s face over and over and over again not just until you get a breakthrough, or you get that spouse you’ve been waiting for, or get a raise.

Imagine being in a relationship with someone who never told you they loved you, or that you are special to them. This is assuming that you are in a relationship with God. If you do not know God, I invite you to come to know Him. There is not a single human being that is doing too good or bad that God does not want to save, set free, and use in His kingdom.

Do it now, ask God into your heart. Tell God that you repent, which is to admit your sin and turn from it. Tell God that you have faith in Him, meaning that you believe that He is Lord of all, that He sent His Son Jesus to die for your sins, and the sins of this world. The syntax of the prayer is irrelevant; what matters is your belief in God and His Son Jesus, our Savior.

Addictive praise & worship is amazing!

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