If transparency is the currency to buy back souls

Why is there a bridge to your truth with tolls?

Why do you boast as if without sin?

How can you increase your credit score again?

When the hurting see your hurt; commonality does well

To bring stagnated hearts to God, to propel

Church can change the world one deposit at a time

Seeking the lost, rather the status climb

Lets reveal our struggles; burdens overcome

Perchance comfort another till victory is won

I’m the broken, born-again redeemed

Exposing my flaws daily on your screen

To demonstrate His grace to the least of these

Shouting out; I’m forgiven; airing dirty laundries

But it’s okay if I get caught exposed

Because Jesus befriended me and gave me some clothes

Wrapped in grace and mercy; I stand

Winning souls for Christ; the lost are in demand



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