Get Up Grasshopper!

When God calls us to do something, do we see ourselves as insufficient to meet the task at hand, or are we overly confident in our own ability? Either mindset is sure to end in defeat. In this post, I will focus on the former. It is commonly known that God, with a mighty hand, brought the Israelites out of captivity. We may be aware that they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Finally, it appeared that they were ready to enter into the Promised Land; however, the land was already occupied. They were to fight for what God had promised them. This conjures up two internal questions that I have had in the past. Why is God giving me something that I have to contend for? Will I win the battle, and obtain what God has for me? 

I suggest reading, Numbers 13: 27-33 to get a better picture of the situation. The specific verse I will speak on is Numbers 13:33.“There also we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we became like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight. As God’s people went to spy out the land, promised to them, the majority of them must have left their faith behind. Ten of the spies came back proclaiming defeat, because of the appearance of the enemy. The enemies were “giants” in their eyes, and they were “grasshoppers”.

What amazes me is that the spies forgot the God that had sustained them for 40 years, providing clothing/shoes, sustenance, and continual grace and mercy. It escaped them that it was God who predestined this land for them, so how can they be defeated? This giant-to-grasshopper concept, is hard to fathom, yet occurs everyday in the body of Christ. I’ve felt like the smallest of all grasshoppers for the majority of my life. Unfortunately, I was tricked into believing that God does good things, and blesses his people to accomplish great things- just not me!

So how do we overcome the “grasshopper” mentality? How do we minimize the “giants”, and magnify our God- Jehovah Jireh? It starts with faith, and ends with action. First, we remember our Exodus, our personal wildernesses, and our Promised Land. We call to mind all the miraculous works that Immanuel- God with us has performed on our behalf. It is helpful to itemize the miracles; no doubt, you will run out of paper. It is stupefying how Satan uses doubt, and distraction to help us forget God’s miracles, signs, and wonders that are so profound in our life. When God brought us out, it wasn’t science, good behavior, perfect conditions, or simply our time; our exodus was nothing short of  a miracle.

Next, our faith changes our perspective. Perspective is crucial in entering the Promised Land, as we learn from our fellow “grasshoppers.” If we see that ministry, promotion, business, book, and et cetera, as bigger than God we will shrink to the size of “grasshoppers.” Nevertheless, visualizing our great God as Lord over our awaiting battle will help us see our enemies as defeated.

To seal our transformation from “grasshoppers” to believers capable of doing ANYTHING with God’s provision, and protection we take action. Action requires that we stand, move, listen, run, and climb. This action is not taken willy nilly. Prior to taking action we should be consulting with God for guidance, fasting, and visualizing our victory. I was the most timid grasshopper out there, but today, I stand at the precipice of my Promised Land and war until I conquer the land.

There was a time when I would have never written a blog, a book, or began a podcast. I had to change how I saw God, and how I saw myself. During that reframing process, I did not have to learn how to fight for my new territory; the skills were already lying dormant in me waiting to be released.

I stand at the at the pinnacle of the Promised Land, calling all grasshoppers “Get Up!”

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