Love After…

Betrayal often precedes a license to sin

Spraying words of bitterness to your next of kin

How could you? After all I did…

I humbly surmise; that is what God said

Perverse and faithless; heart divided

Doubtless, I ‘ll find one genuine part inside it

Yet, in still, I’ll love- knowing your double mind

Deny me once, twice, a thousand times

Surely, if God loves the insincere

Raining on the just and unjust; holding the righteous dear

Together with Jehovah, I’ll  love my heartbreaker

With wisdom I gained from my Maker

I won’t let you walk on me with those dirty shoes

I resigned-no longer a rug to be used

Now I know the will of God

Love without ceasing; yet don’t take it hard

When the unfaithful strolls down your boulevard

Be as shrewd as snakes; yet as innocent as doves

Praying for their healing; handling them with gloves

Justice will come, no doubt, as swift as the night

Even when betrayed, be sure to, love them right

God will vindicate the heart done wrong

I sleep peacefully, walk victoriously, with a new song

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