Purpose Poisoning

Why are some of us proliferating as we obediently engage in our calling, and others sedentary in their purpose? God handmade us all, uniquely, to meet a need in His Kingdom. How is it that some discover their reason for being alive, pull up their sleeves and get to work, whilst others walk in contradiction to their assignment? I submit that there are varying forms of poisoning which, with the help of Satan, deter us from God’s work. Distraction, Discouragement, Delay, and Defeat all work together to either keep us from standing up or trick us into sitting down in our calling. Each successive blog will focus on one of the D’s of Purpose Poisoning.

D istraction

When I wake up does my purpose call me or my unyielding to do list? Am I more concerned with how many followers I have to the neglect of God’s purpose? Perhaps, there are inconsistencies in my work-life balance? Did someone like my post? Has my lack of income, support, resources become my focus? All of these distractions have the potential to make a once focused individual become fixated on something other than what God called them out of darkness to accomplish. I find it so easy to get distracted that I sit far away from the doors of the sanctuary. When people go in and out, I find myself looking at them as if I came to church to see them. Sometimes changing your position, where you are seated in the Spirit realm, can immensely change your focus.

By faith, we surrender our worries, anxieties, and frustrations to God, so why is it so hard to focus? It is humorous that the very things that distract us may be of little to no spiritual importance, yet somehow we make it more urgent than what God told us to do. I surmise that distraction and fear had a baby and named the child procrastination. Our assignments are symbolic to pink slips resting on Satan’s desk. In his eyes, we must be stopped. There are an innumerable amount of believers I have talked to that have overcome addiction, low-self esteem, and self-hatred but struggle with procrastination. I am one in that number. Satan works through my feelings to affect my thoughts to give me a lackadaisical, “maybe later”, “there’s always tomorrow” outlook. When God did not promise tomorrow, or even later.

To overcome distraction and procrastination, let’s look to God’s word.

The slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets. As the door turneth upon his hinges, so doth the slothful upon his bed. Proverbs 23:13-14 KJV

I am saying this for your benefit, not to place restrictions on you. I want you to do whatever will help you serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible. 1 Corinthians 7:35 NLT


The slothful person depicted in the Proverbs 23, was fearful of what “might” happen, so much so that he or she refused to leave the house. How often have I been self-diagnosed to bedrest because of potential threats, perceived misfortune, and pure lies from the enemy? I simply refuse to be immobilized by a defeated enemy or by my flesh that would prefer destruction opposed to liberty. Get Up! Okay, I ‘m up so now what? Focus. The enemy has failed at stopping us from getting up in the Spirit realm. His next tactic is to prompt us to focus on immaterial matters that have nothing to do with our calling.

I know there is work, kids, and other demands, but with God’s grace, we can prioritize in a manner that allows much room for God’s business. It reminds me of a generous employer who gives the employee access to the company beach house, keys to the company car, and flexible spending money, and only requests that the work of the organization come first. When the employer returns and the incumbent spent the money, used the house and the car, yet focused on everything imaginable except for company business, I can assume what his response will be. What have you done? You were very busy, my work never crossed your mind?

Today, as in this moment, my eyes are fixed like an eagle on prey intently on God’s eagle-1753002__340.jpgbusiness. Lately, God has been testing my commitment to His work. Opportunities have been presented for me to be a blessing to others while I was in desperate need of a blessing. I trusted God to meet my needs as I gave my all to His purpose. This was not always the case. I was once so driven by the abundance of lack that I felt that I did not have time, resources or energy to help someone else. I wanted my breakthrough first, then I would be free to focus on God’s calling. This reasoning came from an untruth. I never saw Jesus give His disciples everything they needed before Kingdom business took place. The disciples undeniably provided healing, with the power of God, while they may have desperately needed healing themselves.

The vantage point where I reach God is not in my focus on the outcome of my obedience but rather blindly obeying Him to the letter. Distraction says count followers, count likes, count what you do not have to count due to lack. The Spirit of the Living God declares in Mark 4:19, “but all too quickly the message is crowded out by the worries of this life, the lure of wealth, and the desire for other things, so no fruit is produced.” The worries, distractions of this life are fruitless; fixing our gaze upon Jesus and His work is how we harvest fruit for His glory.


How often have I drifted to things that do not produce?

Often distracted, procrastinated, weary, obtuse

I’m saved for Kingdom business, neglectful, I’m stalling

I looked into Your eyes and remembered my calling

Lady Jay


Images Courtesy of Pixabay


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Donald Head says:

    Amen,sister THE LAW IS THE LIGHT and the more you stay in accord with the law the closer you come to God just remember that everything comes in STEPS,STAGES and DEGREES!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lady Jay says:

      It is not my desire to dispute the bible, yet I must submit that Jesus is the Light. We are under the dispensation, no longer bound by the law. Be blesses brother!


  2. Aderie says:

    Wow, God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I too struggle with distraction. I struggle because there’s so much to juggle and I don’t do well juggling too much at one time. I tried actual juggling for a while, but couldn’t get past throwing just one beanbag in the air at a time. By faith I am making progress, however, remembering what Jesus said, that if your eye is single your whole body will be full of light. Trying to keep my focus set on Him. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lady Jay says:

      Amen sis! Thank you for the visualization. In Jesus name our eyes are fixed on Him. Blessings!


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