Get Naked

As I conversed with God, amazed at the privilege, I revealed my feelings of vulnerability. Utterly, and immensely naked for Christ, there is no turning back. Expecting God to grant access back to my comfort zone, instead, he reminded me of Peter. Often, when we think of Peter, his doubtful plummeting comes to mind. But God called me to reevaluate the scripture and consider his vulnerability as He stepped out of the boat. The other disciples could not validate him, as he was the only one that dared to tread the waters of impossibility to reach Jesus. I’ve found that my faith is the strongest when I have evidence of my success readily available, others are doing the same things, or logical guarantees that things will work out; however, these qualifiers make my faith null and void. After all, Hebrews 11:1 declares, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “’tell me to come to you on the water.”

“Come,” he said.” Matthew 14:27-29

 Peter did not have any examples to confirm that his expedition out of the boat during the storm would be successful, as He was doing something that had never been done. God has called me to do the things that are not commonly done in the body of Christ. I am to “boast in my weakness” to draw others to Him. For some odd reason, many believers get saved and try to mask everything they’ve ever been through that may cause them to be viewed in a pejorative manner. Their secrecy and hiding trigger nonbelievers, babes, and mature Christians to feel alone in their struggles. Granted, there is a risk when one becomes transparent. People may have negative opinions about your struggles, view you as inferior, and gossip instead of praying for the naked believer.

Conversely, if I hide what God has done for me and miss the opportunity to reach that one person that will turn to Jesus after hearing the gospel via testimony, my worship, sacrifice, and service to God is in vain. I prefer to endure man’s judgment and win souls for Christ, then to have the favor of man while operating in uselessness in the Kingdom of God. Our promotion comes from God. People can praise us all the day long, in our ineffectiveness, and we remain immobile in God’s kingdom. Contrarily, we can accept God’s instructions and respond accordingly. Opportunities and innumerable doors will open in response to our obedience. Whose approval means more, the approval of God or man? The former produces spiritual fruit, the latter is fickle.

 “Nevertheless, many of the leaders believed in Him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess Him, for fear that they would be put out of the synagogue. For they loved praise from men more than praise from God.” John 12:42-43

Vacate the boat of comfortability and stay in the vulnerable place, reaching Jesus. I’m not asserting that everyone is called to be super transparent. However, we all are called to evangelize others to Christ. In Matthew 28: 18-20, Jesus instructs us to go and bring others to Him. This is impossible if we are afraid to be vulnerable for Christ. Becoming vulnerable is advantageous for believers. Our precious Savior was vulnerable on the cross, David was vulnerable as Saul pursued him, Ruth was vulnerable as she followed Naomi, Esther was vulnerable as she approached her husband on behalf of God’s people, Moses seemingly never lacked vulnerability as he led God’s people, and yes I am vulnerable as I blog my deliverance. In the name Jesus, our vulnerability positions us so that God is our only source of strength and hope. As I researched the definition of vulnerable, it is portrayed in a negative light. The synonyms are unfavorable from a natural perspective, as well. This assumingly negative state of being is powerful in the Spirit realm; vulnerability says to Satan and all opposition my “God is greater than any risk associated with winning souls for His kingdom!”


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    1. Lady Jay says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words! Be blessed!

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