Loving Me- New Chapter


It is worth noting that I wrote the title to this blog a month ago; however, it remained a draft. Imaginatively, it sat wondering when I would get back to my future and make Self-Care a priority. Interestingly, I have grown to the level of taking the time to do things like getting my nails polished and slabbing more makeup on my face, but the deeper aspects of Self-Care, long baths, introspection, personal goal setting followed with action, have fallen prey to my chronic procrastination. I am thankful that I struggle in this area, as it is the perfect opportunity for my Dad to take my hand, gently teaching me how to love me.

As I journey down this road, I am unafraid of change and unashamed of my desperate need for assistance. So often we remain stuck because of the fear of changing, not asking God for help, and shame of needing help in the first place. Doubtful that I will blog in a few days blaring of my overnight success in this area. Some things God snatches us out of, yet others we have to war relentlessly for. This territory is worth fighting for. It has been said that knowledge is power, true, I also submit that powerlessness is power. Powerlessness says God, I cannot fix this, I desperately need your help. Then the greatest power ever steps in. Unlike mere awareness of a problem, the steps to take, and the luminous evidence of how bad this problem is, when God steps in, per invitation, things have to change.

Brothers and sisters let us lift one another in prayer as we sojourn with the Lord into uncharted territory, unknown lands. As our feet greet unfamiliar soil, our hearts are firmly being established in the ways of the Lord.



Images Courtesy of Pixabay




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