Dying to Be Me

Excuse me for being who God created/

Conformity became authenticity, and I was elated/

Parted lips to speak truth and hesitated/

“What will they think of me?”, swallowing facts/

To fit in with these folks, Baby where is your head at?”/

Come to His feet and get your confidence back/

God formed you with great detail your more than beautiful/

More than a conqueror, to be honest, your just more than- full

Of His grace, stop trying so hard don’t push, honey, pull/

Pull from His mercy the power that rests inwardly will manifest/

Remember the story of His glory, the miracles you witnessed/

Stop cowering in defeat forgetting your blessed/

Quicken within, declaring, I am, Yeah, I’m Me!/

Made in His image, so you hate God when you hate on me/

The spirit of confusion shrinks backs, as I walk in authority/

I’m dying to be me/

-Lady Jay

Image Courtesy Of Pixabay

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