Bloody Ankles


Ankles stained with blood encrusted to my feet

Chains and bondages surprised that I can  even speak

But when I was able to finally  muster up a word

I cried out Jesus, chains breaking was all I heard

Off fell shame and guilt, next doubt and worry

I ran to get others bringing them to Jesus in a hurry

On the way there I fell into a carefully planned trap

Ankle bleeding again, I don’t know where I am at

I’m in the dungeon of lies spewed by the enemy

Fearing my own greatness, somehow I masked my identity

In Christ was my life but I forgot who I was

Satan took the opportunity to trip me up just because

He hates my Father, therefore, he hates me

Then I remembered that I’m covered by Jesus blood- indemnity

Protected from dangers seen and unseen my life is ministry

I continued my journey to bring the lost to Christ

Next time before I fall I’ll remember who saved my life

I may stumble but I refuse to throw myself down

My position in Christ is not found on the ground

I belong on the precipice of His promises soaring on the heights

Healed, accepted, and reconciled falling deeper in love with Christ

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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  1. boompawolf says:

    Reblogged this on disue.

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    1. Lady Jay says:

      Thanks, sis!


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