This Here, Is My Hour


Feeling revived, but this is more than a feeling

As they come and go round about

This is divine revelation and healing

This is fruit in the midst of a drought

How do I know I’ve been changed?

The same keys don’t open my heart

I was once estranged

Didn’t realize the Lord and I were apart

But You used the fire to do the improbable

Burnt me to surrender, now I enter bowed down

Understanding God alone, He is able

To lift the broken hearted from off the ground

Now I run, from city to city-town to town

Spreading good tidings, with a new song on my lips

I am among the faithful witnesses renown

Because storms don’t move me even if they rock this ship

I’ve learned to speak life to the thunder cry

People, lack, and difficulties posing as rain showers

Peace be still, My Father’s will be done- by and by

Regardless of the clamor, this here is my hour

Speaking life in dead places

Walking in authority; utilizing my power

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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