The Prison Inside Me


Jesus, please confiscate the slave mentality inside of me

Father, clean up my credit in the spirit realm and restore my identity

There are agencies promising to do this work for my arm or my leg

But when I surrender to Your will, I do not have to borrow nor beg

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, but Lord this is a dark hour

Help me remember suffering and brokenness manifests Your power

Provide instructions on how to move mountains when things are looking bleak

Retell of the authority in my mouth so power flows outward as I speak

God, You removed the chains so why do I remain in this prison without walls?

Too afraid to be great, cowering in defeat when my faith stands real tall

Today, my walk will match my talk and I will no longer hold myself in captivity

Instead of waiting for something to materialize, I am engaged in proactivity

Resting on my feet, ready for battle even in if it’s in my own mind

I’m set free from this invisible prison that I’ve created in my own mind

For some, mainly the haters, they may say that I still look the same

But in the spirit realm, I’ve got a fresh anointing- my soul has been reclaimed

Now when I command demons to flee they quickly move they do not hesitate

Cause I’ve turned my back on sin, I win, I removed every weight

Speaking in unknown tongues, power flowing, I’m growing as never before

Blessings falling, I hear You calling, of Your presence, Lord, I want more


-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay

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