Reaching the Unreachables



Finishing what I started is mandatory these days and I’m keeping it that way but I need your help. I’ve been given the assignment to use writing to spread the Good News, that is the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting in my hometown, Baltimore City. Fundraising, benevolence, and networking is not my expertise, but I know what God told me to do, therefore I am coming to you not on my behalf but on behalf of the lost souls drifting about that need to hear of God’s love in a practical way. I will engage the incumbent community members with writing prompts where we will write out our healing in the name Jesus. Unlike the condemnation and judgment they may have experienced in the past from ill-advised albeit zealous Christians, I will demonstrate God’s love.

Transparently, I will share my testimony to establish common ground and identify with their hurt. I know firsthand what it feels like to be rejected by those who you desperately seek approval from, to be abused by people in authority, to be neglected by someone who was responsible for your well-being, to be angry with yourself for letting that happen, to be wounded, scarred, bitter, and resentful frantically seeking a means of escape from the anguish that is your reality.

Jehovah Jireh has provided the life experiences, academic knowledge, and wisdom thus equipping me for this daunting task. I ask that you donate any amount to support this worthy cause. I know that the Lord will overwhelmingly bless and keep those who support His work. This will not be a taxable deduction for you, but rather a seed that was sown to win souls for Christ. Expectantly, I read in Exodus 36:5, “They went to Moses and reported, “The people have given more than enough materials to complete the job the LORD has commanded us to do!”” I anticipate having an abundance of contributions as God is that amazing and I know He will prick the hearts of His people to be a blessing for His work. The name of the program is Editing Destiny, the link is to our website where I further detail the program. I created the program for women on all educational and psychosocial levels to come to an understanding of their pain, shame, and guilt. There is a set of self-administered questions that are answered at home. Then the participants come back to the group setting and compose poetry, prose, or testimonies themed on their answers from said questions.

If you’ve ever read my story in Pain 101, you may understand my burden for those who are hurting and are in need desperate of hearkening of Christ’s love for them. I am them. I was the unreachable soul wandering in the back alleys of Baltimore City, worn from innumerable years of substance, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. One day, I could not shake it. I could hear Jesus calling me and the rest is a miraculous story to be told and retold. Please help me reach them. It is imperative that we as believers are aware of the fact that whatever resources we have are to be a blessing to God’s Kingdom. That means we can lay down our desires and wills for Christ’s cause. Please give to this ministry on any level. I guarantee God will see your sacrifice and rejoice.
The Lord will manifest His work; however, it would be advantageous if you were a part of that process. Please join me in making history in the name Jesus! There are countless individuals waiting for us to reach out to them. Perhaps, you are not a spokesperson, or cannot see yourself leading a group. God has called me to do that part. I just need your sponsorship to get started. Sacrifice your cup of coffee or tea in the name Jesus. I truly appreciated you even reading. Often we read up until we are called to action. Be Blessed!! Please see Paypal link above and below for giving opportunities.


-Lady Jay

Images Courtest of Pixabay

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