God of the Exodus



Composition from my deepest place of hurt yields the greatest crop

Indubitably that is the reason why the pain and agony never stops

I’ve written for healing, pouring out myself, every last drop

Tears flow in the oceans of Abba Fathers hands if only I knew His clock

His timing belongs to Himself, and it often leaves me in shock

I’d wondered how Love could tolerate suffering, and even watch

Humbled by reminders of Jesus’ blood which was shed for even me

Your Majesty incurred suffering unjustly at the hands of man without complaining

How dare I grumble, gripe, pout or bemoan

Despite the lack and dark places, without speech the Spirit man groans

Constant evidence of how Your love never, ever departs

A believer in need in the eyes of God is a work of art

Someone to be held, longing for more of Himself

It’s in our waiting for deliverance that idols fall off the shelf

All that remains is adoration for Jehovah Shalom

Although we murmured ignorantly You not once left us alone

For that we’re grateful, ever filled with praise

Today’s the day of divine manifestation, even as we forsake our old ways

Shedding old habits of forgetting the God of the Exodus

How we only sought you when you turned minus to plus- signs

Pressing rewind, God bless me again. This time I’ll be faithful until the end


-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay

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    1. Lady Jay says:

      Thanks, Vincent!


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