A Warriors Anthem


Not to be confused with conceit these are revelatory confessions

How He tried to through shade and keep me second guessing

I’m sure demons are scratching their heads using their own weapons

Because they could not defeat the child of God who is drenched in blessings

Warfare came as lies, insults, accusations, and darts at my identity

I pleaded the blood of Jesus, bathed in scripture, causing great injuries

It took a minute but I remembered that I am not to play with the enemy

I don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, off the defense, I war offensively

As for the casualties of said warfare, I refuse to take an “L”

Trusting God, refocused on purpose, restoration will come as a story to tell

Walking in authority, head high, worshiping the most High, serving Him well

The nerve of you to think for a moment that I’d journey with you to Hell

That dreadful, wicked place where relationship with God ceases to exist

I vow to fight you till my dying day, the Word says to resist

The evil one and He will flee; the power of God always assists

In bringing wickedness back down to size, even to the abyss

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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