Mountain Climber


Standing erect, knees intently pressed against the mountain

My humble distance from the ground is a constant reminder

Joyously clinging to Your glory, that sweet life-giving fountain

Treading the heights, I’m surrounded by other mountain climbers

But I mustn’t watch others, praying for their journey lest my foot slip

Shifting my weight, maneuvering around obstacles the peak is mine for sure

Inclement weather is sheer motivation for me tighten my grip

Because I’ve seen many come crashing to their demise, death is imminent for sure

With scrapped shins and tired hands, the Master leads me to the mountaintop

Faithful God, tearfully I thank you, recalling the valley, how your Spirit reminds

Bringing me to the summit of this vast structure, thoughts of Your goodness will not stop

And it all started with darkness, “Let there be”, and purpose; You created Your children to climb


-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay

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