The Appointed Time

The hour came, murky, as dark as can be

No doubt, all hope was lost, but I had these memories

Of victory promised, yet it didn’t match the imagery

Barely eating and sleeping I was numb to the core

Issues, drama,  and problems galore

But when I pondered on Your goodness

I was reminded that there was more

More to this story then what lies before

My eyes, unsurprisingly you came through before time ran out

I secretly scolded myself for being consumed with doubt

The odds were stacked so high against me

In the natural, failure was my only option

But that theory was flawed as it doesn’t consider my adoption

Into God’s family, my inheritance is secure

As the present hour dwindles away I’ll trust You once more

Unable to fail, falter, or come short of Your word

Despite my “sometimes” faith You never revoke what I heard

The Red Sea in front, Pharoah in the rear, yet my eyes are fixed on You

Only the God of Heavens Armies can make water stand and issues see through

Those mountainous, yet transparent troubles must bow down

Because it’s the final hour and Jesus is in town

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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