The Epic Fight


Been suffering so long, it’s become my new norm

When will it end, when will this weeping adjourn?

The wounded get preyed upon, I feel the swarms

Of demons, unending, no relief from the storms

But I hear my Dad say, daughter, “I AM your RELIEF

Stop trying to ease the pain and be the change you seek

Find freedom in being who I created you to be

Victorious, under heavy loads; wrestle from beneath

Regarded as forsaken, you’re not what the world sees

Reputation of greatness, seated heavenly

Allowing hardship to break you would be an atrocity

Because I sent it to build you increase the velocity

Prayers reaching the throne room with a new force

The things of this world, you sought a divorce

Humbly submitted to My plan and stayed on course

Now receive blessings unending as I am your only Source!”

-Lady Jay

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