Conquering Self


Tempted to give in to my demons

Reminders abound that this is the reason

For the heartache and pain, unending storms

Catering to my flesh has always been the norm

Seeking validation, and victory rarely investigating

Moving about in haste, no wonder the Lord has me waiting

Silence, I cry out to the voice in my head

No peace- there’s more madness instead

Finally, in desperation, I considered that old habit

Satan dangled in my face to tempt  me to grab it

I began to understand what all the tempting was about

I’d entered the glorious presence of the Lord and he wanted me out

Resolute in stance, knees buckling with doubt

I dug in my spirit and grabbed my spiritual weapons

All of the lies that were told ran from the Holy words written

In bold font across the template of my heart

I saw fear, doubt, shame, & guilt start

To pack up their bags. Suddenly I had access

There were parts of myself that were off in brackets

Glory to God, I’m freed from me to be me

Conquering self restored my identity

-Lady Jay

Picture Courtesy of Pixabay


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    1. Lady Jay says:

      Thanks Vincent!


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