Do You Know Him?



“That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.” John 1:9

We may read that verse and immediately exclaim Jesus, the verse is talking about Jesus! Yay! But do we know the true Light is in our world when everything, I mean everything is chaotic? Can we quickly say to ourselves, “Keep calm, Jesus is here?” Or do we put on our thinking caps on and start trying to figure out how we can help God help us? I’ve asked God what does He want me to do, as I was already in the process of doing something to “fix” my situation, for Him to say, “I never asked you to do anything!” And I am thinking He must not see this mound of debt, or this broken situation, or feel this unbearable pain. The thing is, often it is not our disobedience that prompts us to put our hands on Gods stuff and step out of our jurisdiction, it is the pain. Pain urges us to quickly relieve ourselves. Often by any means necessary we try to remove the discomfort from our lives whether it be relational, financial, career, school, or etcetera.

Does the true Light know pain? Has he been uncomfortable? Was it his discomfort that produced our relief? We must remember that if Jesus did not suffer on that cross we would not have reconciliation with God. What does that mean in relation to our bills, sicknesses, marriages, children, and life? Well, it directly points to a God that does miracles through suffering. A magnificent God that knows the nature of our carnality and knows that without suffering many of us would forget to pray. Instead of trying to “fix” things we can rest in God’s unchanging hands. We know He knows what suffering entails, but He knows that we don’t know what’s at stake if we don’t suffer. I know many of us have heard words from the Lord. Be encouraged. Gods word will not return to Him void. (Isaiah 55:11) Even if we put our hands in the mix and mess things up, He is right there to put everything back on course. In His providential will God foresees our messiness, resistance, and still has a plan to get us to His desired point. Not necessarily our desired point, His will not ours. My prayers are shifting from initial praise and thanks, and then an itemized list of needs to ‘thy will be done prayers.’

“He was in the world and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him.” John 1:10

Take out the word “world”, in John 1:10, and put your name in it. That is what it sounds like and looks like in heaven and on earth when we respond consistently out of fear rather than faith. I trust that God will strengthen us all to persist to a place where our go-to response will be “Thy will be done!” This is how the preceding verse reads with my name inserted: Jesus was in Jennnifer and Jennifer was made through Jesus and Jennifer knew Jesus not. How could this Jennifer not know the one who is emphatically “in” her, who “made” her, and not “know” Him? Those three words In, Made, and Know are subjects Satan uses to attack our identities in Christ.


He, Lucifer,  wants us to doubt that we belong to the family of Christ. He has seemingly effectively divided the church so that no one knows that we’re in the same body of Christ. If you do away with the body then there is no room in our lives for the Godhead either which is Christ. Gossiping, fornication, slander, title debauchery, competition, hate, judging, and etc, have become the norm. How does this relate to our suffering and pain? Our pain feels worse because we may feel that we’re at it all alone. Too afraid to ask someone in the body for help because of the risks associated, we may suffer longer than we have to. God will bless us through whom he chooses, and sometimes it will be that person least expected in the body of Christ. Also, being “in” Christ means that we are not of this world. (Rom. 12:2) We do not have to respond the way the world does, look the way the world does, and do what they do to get ahead. In fact, when we try to look like the world it makes it harder for others to distinguish us as a people who are in Christ making evangelism nearly impossible.


The fortitude that we have are often lost in our eyes but illuminated to others. We forget what God made us up of. We are made up of Jesus. He is the glue that holds us together. It is not my job, my family, my self-esteem, or abilities, that is keeping me from utter destruction, it is Jesus. When we accepted Jesus into our hearts the parts in us that lie dormant were activated by the only Power that could activate them, Jesus. Sometimes we forget that God foreknew and foresaw us. The reason to be giddy and sing in the shower is that God put awesomeness in us and we accepted the key which unlocks the door to our Kingdom-building potential, the key is Jesus. Of course, Satan wants us to forget we are in Him and made up of Him.

Finally, we exhibit to the world that we do not know Jesus when we hide after we’ve made a mistake. That wasn’t the example I was going to use but God is leading me here. When we mess up, our messiness cannot stop the power of Jesus. There is nothing we can do to fail but give up and stay that way. Why do you think the enemy is in our ear every day telling us how wrong we are, how dumb we are, how everyone is more qualified than us. He wants us to quit. When we give up, God is not going to do for us what we can do for ourselves, He is NOT an enabler. He will wait for us but He will not coddle us in our self-pity. We cannot sit still and say we are waiting for a miracle but knowing inwardly that we have given up. Do you know Him?          


Jesus may we trust you more than our pain. When it hurts may we be reminded that You know, You care, You understand, and in due time you will remove the unbearable situations. Help us go against our instincts and not try to save our own lives but be willing to lose them for You, in the name Jesus. Amen.

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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