The Resistance


Guide these clumsy feet up this mountain

My weary soul finds rest there

Hesitant again, but who’s counting

As I learn to release all my cares

The heavy wind blows; I am frail at best

Tempted to resist Your strong arm shamefully, I confess

Daringly I reach for the Consistent & Everlasting

Boastful winds become hailstorms, questions I’m asking

“Where is God?” He seems so distant

 I felt His presence more when I was resistant

Wiping my eyes, now aware that Love was holding on to me

Despite the intensity of the storm my God never let go truly

Faithful, trusting You more than these clumsy feet and what I feel

Noticing how You used hail and strong winds to demonstrate what’s Real

At the peak of this rugged mountain with the Everlasting & Consistent

Sojourning through valleys, storms, and mountains I’ll be less resistant

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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