Free Indeed

The poem, Cut Loose,  triggered something in me actually it was the visual of the featured image. The picture shows an orange bellied bird pondering his or her current plight as it is trapped in prison, evidence by the barbed wire gates. The Lord showed me that in the spirit realm, I look just like that bird at times. People may suggest to the orange bellied bird in me, that I simply use my spiritual wings and fly over the gates to forever exit the prison. But what if the prison got a hold of my mind? What if I have the potential to soar but no longer see exodus as an option despite my spiritual wings? How do you teach a thing to do what it was made to do when it forgets who it is? The Creator who knows the name of the individual and exactly what is within is the only force that can reprogram that person.

“And said to him, Every man at the beginning does set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but you have kept the good wine until now.” John 2:10

The verse has many interpretations. God led me to shift my focus from the wine and think about life in general. We may feel that, in the beginning, that is before we messed up we were in our prime. Then being intoxicated, confused and disillusioned by lies from the enemy we may feel utterly shameful, useless, and guilt-ridden. But God is saying the best “wine,” that is the best version of us is after the process of Jesus taking our water, our emptied-out selves and embodying it with substance, “new wine.” As the Most High God pours in Himself, we begin to notice that we do have wings. Many of us may have never really used them to their full potential for fear. But the best was saved for last, it is my time to be all that Jesus died for us to be with humility, servanthood, and integrity. We fly.

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay

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