Loved On Purpose

I’m always confident until I blow it

As if grace is only for the put together

My mistakes pale in comparison to the blood

I’m a mess at the well and He comes and sits

As if mercy is only for those who do better

My failings become beautiful testimonies by the blood

It’s okay, I do not have to be perfect, my God is

Focused on receiving the love; Oh how sweet it is

I’m so full, I become less. Blameless, Selfless, Careless

It began with these mistakes, and a Perfect God, as I learned to confess

My wretched life, He did what no man could do

Took this opaque heart and made it see through

Hiccups don’t halt me, yet I do not abuse grace

I use those opportunities to reevaluate

Not badgering myself over a wee event

But when mistakes lead to sin, I am sure to repent

If being chastised I will not despise

Even my mistakes work for my good, blessings in disguise

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay


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