Down, low

My head would hang

So far beneath Christ’s intent

Even lower I’d clang

Wondering where all my time was spent

Bottled in confusion

Nestled in care

It was all an allusion

How I despised the despair

But now I’m aware

That even when I was down and low

There was no place where your love didn’t go

Permeating my deepest hurt; Oh how you love me so

Feelings fluctuate but my countenance is steady

Your yoke is easy; I’m trading it for this burden that’s heavy

More of your presence, this time I’m ready

To get up, and go out

To tell the world what your mercy is all about

Facing fear triumphantly and silencing doubt

For those who feel that they’re too far gone

As if God, can’t reach them from the planet their on

Consider how He keeps a hedge all about us like a lawn

The next time we’re tempted to look down we look up

Signaling to God we’re on empty as He fills our cup

Let’s get up, and go Out

-Lady Jay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay




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