I Deserved To Die

Where was the man?

When everybody stood there with stones in their hands

Ready to brutally murder me for my life is quicksand

My accusers accuse me. Sinners in the judgment seat

As if they haven’t slaughtered enough of these sheep

They’ll stone me for my sin yet the law they can’t keep

Admittingly I’m an adulterer caught in the very act

I need grace and forgiveness, not the Law that’s white or black

Let go of me, where are you taking me? Where am I at?

Little did they know that they brought me to Grace

I thought my life was over, He wrote in the sand, shame filled my face

The accusers publicly humiliated me presenting their case

Jesus stood up and said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

Stones began dropping, I looked up we were all alone

From the oldest to the youngest each went to his home

After Jesus stood up from writing in the sand again

He asked me where everyone was does none condemn

I answered, “No ONE SIR” feeling relieved within

But then Jesus said something that transformed my sinful heart

Jesus said that He doesn’t condemn me either and gave me a fresh start

Stoning does not produce repentance but loves does its part

Since then I have turned, and my life has never been the same

To think that He condemned me not when I was to blame

I am so glad they dragged me to Him when I was covered in shame

Now my days are spent telling the world of His name

“JESUS, JESUS” He did not come to condemn

Stop throwing stones at each other and let Him in

He’ll give you a fresh start so you can begin again

©A Necessary Pain 2018


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Martina R. says:

    “Stoning does not produce repentance but loves does its part” Yes Lord! That statement gave me chills.


    1. Thanks Martina! The way Jesus forgives but people want to throw stones is baffling.


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