A Caregivers Confession- Create The Door LLC

The Lord has been dealing with me about creating an organization to support people who are struggling like me. I’m not sure if you know it but my son is severely Autistic. When I was in ministerial training, I had to choose between ministry, employment, and my son. His behavior and symptoms are so extreme that daycare is not optional nor is school. Of course, my son is a priority but I thought God was calling me to drop out of ministry training. Not so much. Rather, the Lord was calling me to resign from my full-time job as a case manager. Since then I have been a full-time caregiver and minister.
God was serious about the business so with the help of the Lord I gave birth to Create The Door LLC. Create The Door LLC’s vision is to serve low-income caregivers of special needs children in Maryland by educating, empowering, and enriching them thereby improving the lives of special needs children. Why am I telling you all of this? Because, well, I need sponsorship. Please prayerfully consider supporting Create The Door LLC.
Your donation would not be tax-deductible because at this time I cannot afford the application for my 501 (c) (3) status. My next step is to become a “C” Corp and obtain 501 (c) (3) status as Jehovah provides. Check out our website at
Also, below is a direct link to my Paypal Business account. Thanks in advance!

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