A Command to Rest

Sometimes caregivers get into the habit of feeling that they always have to be “on”. They may be riddled with feeling that if they take a break for one quick moment trouble will ensue. I am one of those kinds of caregivers. We are usually burned out, a tad resentful to be honest, and most of all unrested. What I am learning from the Lord is how to rest even when I work and also how to take daily breaks just for me.

Jesus gives us all an invitation. He says, “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28. The issue is not that Jesus does not offer us rest. The issue becomes will we trust that He has everything under control and take it. Coming from a culture where we are expected to work for everything, love, and etc.. It’s almost surprising that the King of Kings is telling us to take a load off.

The command, yes, it is a command to rest does not mean to lay around all day. It means to stop striving in human-effort. Quite frankly, I am my most rebellious with this command to rest. I just don’t understand how to do it. My flesh wants to feel that it has earned something. But Jesus tells us what the end result is of operating in our flesh, an unshakeable sense of burden and weariness.

Resting in Christ is peace. There is a quietness that comes over the soul. So if you’re like me and have failed to obey the Lord’s command to rest. It’s not too late. His arms are still open. Jesus is waiting to carry your burdens. He is waiting for you to relinquish control and rest your weary forlorn soul. If you cannot bear the weight of your load any longer that is good because you weren’t made to bear it. We were made for relationship and in our relationship with Christ, we find rest.

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