The Day I Stopped Trying

This year I resolve to stop trying to do better. I resolve to stop relying on my human effort as if I can somehow master things that for the better parts of my existence have mastered me. Am I giving up? Well, I wouldn’t say I’m giving up; I’m giving God______. I am surrendering all myself, my habits, my failures and my weaknesses to the Almighty. If I had to write my resolution out in words it would be, “Lord, I resolve that I cannot do this without your help and I am done trying.” This is a marvelous place to be. It is a place of discontentment and determination. Discontentment from a Christian walk in one’s own ability; and a determination to go no further under these conditions.

Join me in my resolve to give God everything and stop trying to do life on your own. Here, in God’s presence, it’s okay to be weak, tired, weary, and confused. It’s perfectly fine not to be perfect or fine so I can stop pretending. There is something beautiful about surrender. Every year I would vow to do better this year I’m not making any vows. I am bringing my broken self to Jesus Christ humbly yet boldly and watch Him transform me into a masterpiece. When I first came to Christ I was so messed up I had no choice but to surrender but somewhere along the line, I got in my head that God wanted me to fix myself.

Not only does God the Father know that I cannot fix myself, But He also provided a means for our restoration through His Son Jesus Christ. So, in essence, when I try to fix me I am communicating to God by way of my actions that I prefer my fleshly solutions over His perfect plan. Ouch! Maybe that was who I was before but not anymore. That’s one thing I love about the grace of God there’s room for do-overs.


© A Necessary Pain Ministries 2018


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