I used to ask where were you, but I knew that already

Absent, not present, the heartbeat of neglect is steady

With each pulse, I’m reminded that I never had a father figure

So, with each pulse, I strived to make men gawk at my figure

Substituting sex with a stranger to compensate for an absent dad

Self-esteem, self-worth, boundaries, and standards I never had

Until one day in my soul, there was a great roll call

This Man named Jesus stood up in your place and said “Present”

His love was unconditional changing my future and my present

I asked how I could earn His love; He said it was a present

Told me to go before the world and present

The gospel to the nations He called me “sent”

Without further questioning, I forsook my plans and went

I forgive you absent parent no longer do I resent

What you couldn’t give me because your capacity to love was spent

On selfish ambition and survival of the fittest

He calls me His daughter in the Beloved, I’m His witness

Jesus, Jesus thank you for being my Daddy

Filling the void in my soul, Abba, I serve you gladly

Today make me whole so I can go and preach Your Good News

Because I know there are trillions of women broken in pews

If you’re recovering from an absent parent, consider this truth

The fact that you survived rejection is your proof

That you’re an overcomer so live in fear no more

Allow God to love you where your most vulnerable and restore

He promised He would never ever, ever, ever leave

So, open your tattered heart again and believe

© A Necessary Pain 2019

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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      1. You’re very welcome Jennifer 😎


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