The Gospel- It’s time to drop the ball

So why did Jesus wake me up at 2:00 am, which has not been uncommon lately but what is uncommon is the revelation I received on this morning. I was looking for direction on what to read so I went to the Bible app and read something in my plan. Nothing heavy right? Wrong. Jesus dropped in my spirit so delicately yet intensely the truth that the entire Gospel/ Bible is built upon.

Isaiah 53. Boom. In fact, this theme is the backbone of the entire Scripture.

I’ve read it before. I’ve studied it before, but no sirens or bells went off in my heart…until today. See Jesus knows when our hearts are ready to receive the truth. I’ve been walking around with a really cute satchel City Slicker bag filled with shame, disgrace, and FALSE GUILT. Why am I carrying all that? Because, well, I am a responsible Christian adult and I thought that it belonged to me. Wrong again.

On the cross, that’s right, that rugged cross that we sing about, Jesus did what no man could’ve done. He bore the sins of the entire world for all time. What comes with sin, well there’s shame, guilt, and disgrace. Exactly. Why am I carrying something that is not mine anymore? When I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior all my sin, all of my guilt, & all of my shame was supposed to be exchanged for all of His righteousness, holiness, justification, sanctification, and on and on the list goes.

The alarming fact is that you can have perfect attendance at Church. Read and study the Word and miss the entire point of the Word of God. It is difficult to fathom with the carnal mind but the spiritual mind lives and breathes on this truth. Here it is, we can stop trying to be perfect (without sin) because Someone who actually was perfect died in our place. Do not misinterpret we are not to live in sin! If you’re like me and you struggle with trying to do life perfectly. Trying to perfect yourself. Trying to earn a free gift, here’s the truth… we must stop trying to labor for what we can only receive by faith!!!!!

#spiritoftheAntiChrist-defeated  Boom!

Are you in a tug-a-war match for your self-esteem, self-worth, and identity daily? Well, my friend, I challenge you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you accept what Jesus has done for you. When the light bulb appears over your head, I’ll be miles away cheering you on as I worship the Father. This war that we are in is not because we don’t have the victory already. The war rages because Satan wants to disillusion us so that we do not accept Jesus as THE atoning sacrifice for our sins. We don’t have to walk around with a “I’m sorry for existing” sign but the way we live and engage with the rest of the world illustrates that we are in fact sorry. Guess what? I am not sorry.

This morning I asked God, “what am I supposed to do with all the shame, false guilt, and disgrace the world has hurled at me?” And God said, and I quote, “GIVE THAT MESS BACK!” Satan, your fake friends, and family have given you something that’s not yours… that’s right shame, disgrace, and false guilt, do not belong to the Christian. It’s not ours to bear. The atrocities that folk generously gave you were no doubt handed down to them. In this case it is time to drop the ball.


You guys let’s stop crucifying each other. Let’s show our fallen brothers and sisters and ourselves some love and grace. Jesus paid for our freedom with His awesome, precious blood. Now, in this very moment, I understand why the blood of Jesus is so powerful. Jesus shed blood means we are responsible to live life unashamed, free of guilt, and disgrace, no matter what we’ve done in the past or not so long ago. Once we repent and turn from our sin the slate is wiped clean again.


From: The Holy Spirit

To: Me

CC: You

Photo by Jeroen Bosch on Unsplash

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