My Prayer for the Church

IN a Church where the blood of Jesus has become jargon.
And we only call His name when we need to bargain.
Blood bought children of God living as orphans…
bowing to Baal asking Yahweh to bless our nonsense
We boldly ask “Where is our God?”
He says, “Where is my Church?”
Prostituting under every green tree, lifting our skirts.
Soliciting blessings while we twerk
Exploiting the anointing the truth it hurts.

Lord break the infrastructure made by human hands
Rebuild us with love as your Power reprimands
Take us from babehood and cause us to grow
That our walk would be genuine not for show
Help us help others to see your light
Shatter the pride that divides us in Your sight
So when people hear about the Church
They are filled with hope
We’ll teach them how to win as we learn to cope
I’ll be one in that number that’ll be the difference
Demonstrating your love instead of showing indifference
Healing from my hurt exposing my pain
Laboring in love not looking for gain
God raise up laborers because the harvest is plenty
Sifting those that love you from those whose works are empty
Purify our motives until it’s really all about You
This is my prayer for the church
Lord wash us through an through
Teach us how to use social media to bring You glory
To advance Your kingdom with our story
Then deliverance will come from the every direction
As the world will witnesses your divine intervention
Penned by: Minister Jennifer Denae

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