The RED carpet

Welcome Beloved to the RED carpet.

Jesus’s blood was shed

All accommodations have been made

Aforetime till eternity

By the way,

Who are you wearing?

“Grace by Jesus Christ”

“Accessorized with Mercy”

Nothing but the finest for you.

Join me on the RED carpet

Failures are God’s photo opportunities

Creation is Yahweh’s backdrop

Sinners made saints march in

Triumphal procession of beggars and the broken

Identities restored on the RED carpet

When believers get noticed the spotlights on Christ

Enjoy the frills. The RED carpet lasts forever

But it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t shout out my Sponsor

To Him who was and is to come, To God the Most High, My Provider Husband and Best Friend

Thank you

Thank you for not only inviting me to the RED carpet

But creating it for our relationship

If it wasn’t for the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

There would be no carpet

There would be no blood, running red

There would be no me

So Jesus this Red Carpet life

Has always been about you

By: Minister Jennifer DeNae


Photo from: Resplash

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