Important to God

“In God’s Kingdom, nobody’s a nobody” Minister Jennifer DeNae

Poor, sick, crippled, beggarly, God has use for you. Unfortunately, the Church perpetuates an unspoken message that the poor and sick are forgotten by God. It’s as if Job’s friends have populated our local assemblies. I meet the federal guidelines for poverty and am chronically ill and I know that I know that I am dearly loved by God.

I loathe when Praise and Worship leaders try to motivate the congregation to praise by saying things like “you got your health, and your car, and a job so give God praise.” Truth is, when I lost my job, car, bank account, health, control of my 7 yr old Autistic son, and my marriage dissolved like an antacid, I still had just cause to give God praise.


The Blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus covers our sins. We are forgiven. Regardless of our socioeconomic status, marital status, & whether our children are obeying us or not.

Christianity that prides its self in materials, status, and gauges satisfaction on ones needs being met is carnality at best.

God stripped me down to nothing. So that I could see that I am somebody with or without anything because of the Blood of Jesus.

What makes you important and other unimportant? Or better yet, what makes you so unimportant and others so important.

The One & Only sinless man shed His innocent blood for the sins of the world.

Your kind of a big deal. Regardless of your struggle.

The blood of Jesus.

By: Minister Jennifer DeNae

Photo by Jose Ramirez on Unsplash


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