Give UP.

That’s right. Let go. Stop trying to micromanage Jehovah Shalom and rest in His care.

IF you’re like me and thought that God was not moving in your life because you weren’t trying hard enough. Newsflash, we were wrong.

God wants your faith in Him more than He wants you picking up stuff that’s too heavy for you.

Allow the Holy Spirit to do the heavy lifting.

Childlike faith and dependence on God are what moves the mountains not trying in your own strength.


Get Up.

Do what you can do that is yours to do.

Own it. Stop running from stuff or hiding from stuff that is perfectly in your power to steward.

Strategize. Organize. Worship- I just love acronyms. This one spells SOW.

What if your harvest is small because you’ve invested small. Take the time and invest in yourself. Your future. It isn’t always about having the money. Pay yourself some attention.


Grow UP.

Head toward your next. Start speaking and walking in the direction you want to go. God prophesied that you would be. Yeah. Grow UP to that. Accept that you are not who you were, and don’t marry your present self either. Keep growing toward who you’re becoming.

This is how I experienced my breakthrough.

This is how you can experience a breakthrough

I hear you “but, you don’t know how hard it’s been for me.”

True. But I know how devastation and Satan work in collaboration to keep us stuck.

Sure, I’ve lost everything at the same time.

Sure, I’ve trusted God and did what made no sense.

Sure, I’ve lamented, and fake laughed simultaneously.

But, the fire is why I shine so bright now. My sister or brother stay in the process and you will breakthrough.

Penned by,

Minister J DeNae


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