Christians: Love vs. Lust_ Part 1


Let’s dive feet first into the murky waters of #lust & #Christianity. When we hear the word lust, instantly we think porn, sex, etcetera. But what about when we lust for approval, validation, status, fame, fortune, and even acceptance? Lust is a perversion of love. It’s the opposite. We know it is not from God. Our lust is wrapped up in our fleshly desires, like a pig in a cozy little blanket.

woman in bath tub

I was wondering why I felt utterly useless, despondent, & dissatisfied with life. Why was I so anxious and feeling unfulfilled? All of my energy was spent longing for vapor. Lust will never satisfy.

#transperancy. As a middle-aged woman with #Bipolar in the Kingdom, I can recall my teenage years when I settled for what was available instead of waiting for what I really wanted…LOVE.

To my surprise, I am still lowering my standards based on the availability and comfortability of others to actually love me. Back then I settled for cheap thrills, adventurous & equally dangerous sex with strangers. As a mature Christian, I didn’t realize that settling for whatever people dish out is the same principle. The thing is, those in my immediate surroundings don’t know love. I know this because I wasn’t taught love or self-worth. I was taught codependency, abuse, fear, and control. Love was never on the menu.

Have you ever been to one of those fancy restaurants where you can have something special ordered that’s not on the menu? Neither have I, but I know they exist. Anyways, if love is not on the menu, I need to see the manager.

I’m done settling for lust when I can have the chef make a love souffle. Love has boundaries. Love trusts (like it has never been hurt). Love listens. Love does not worry about how it will be perceived or received, it. just. loves…


Bless and keep the readers of this blog. May we all wait and trust in Your Perfect Love, refusing to settle for whatever is on the menu, waiting for what we really want- LOVE.


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This blog post was adapted from my Podcast: A Warrior’s Prayer Diary

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