Unfulfilled Promises of God


You know that hollow feeling… The one you get when the promises of God seem afar off and every road to destiny is blocked? You may have watched unsettled as your grasp on the promise loosened and the notion of better, clutches its stomach, gasps for air, and finally dies? What if I told you that the promises of God are not dead? What if I shared that the promises of God are still in motion? In fact, they are closer than we think.

Do not run from your dark places…fly when you can.

What needs clarity is your perspective. Terminate your shortsightedness and ask God to show you His perspective. Yes. Gaze into the eyes of God then look at your situation again. I’ll share how my unfulfilled promises look through fresh eyes.

Today, I was NOT admitted into a prominent Seminary. Today instead of sulking and asking God why? Well, okay, after a brief sulk session, I gathered myself emotionally and concluded that God has other plans.

What God is doing in the Kingdom currently is unconventional.

People who appear unqualified on paper are prequalified and will be thrust into position. Simultaneously, those who thought they were secure in their position are being booted out. This is not because they are not qualified on paper but because their hearts don’t meet the prerequisites.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, time is precious, there is no such thing as job security, and if you want to rest at night you must put your hope in God.

The present conditions in the world are not surprising to God. I submit that the promises of God are often misunderstood thereby appearing unfulfilled. The first thing to note, is that the promise of God is about God. Yes. Jesus Christ is the final thought of God.

Secondly, supernatural promises must be fulfilled supernaturally.

Thirdly, the conditions are perfect for a miracle. That’s just what the manifestation of this promise will be, a miracle.

If what you wanted to work, worked out you would think you do it. No. When God blesses you there will be no question about who did it.

God will get all the glory. That’s why your hands are tied. Roads blocked. And needs so great. This is the climate for the miraculous.

You and I have been chosen to suffer long, wait, and receive what was promised. Think about all the miracles in the Bible. There literally was no way out but Jesus made a way.

This is where I am. If you’ve read this far, you may be here too.

Take heart my brothers and sisters. God is not punishing you He is priming you to receive from His hand.

When God is done blessing you all will know that the hand of God is on your life.

Sit tight.

Jay DeNae Beloved

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  1. Beverley says:

    Wonderful encouraging post. I thank God that all His promises are yes and Amen in Him. Have a great week.


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