What is Success, anyway?


circles, cycles or a twisted roundabout is what I’ve been on for the past…thirty-five odd years. It’s been a death-match between what people think is right, acceptable, and therefore admirable and what makes my heart sing.

Now that I’m back where I started here’s what I learned. Not only does it not matter, like at all, what other people think is success, the closer you get to walking in another’s prescribed definition of purpose & fulfillment the further you are from you.

That’s right, the true authentic you.

I made the mistake of following cultural guidelines and the pressures of former authority figures in my life and lived a life that had zero meaning to me. When I did things that made me feel alive, somehow I allowed their definitions to drown out my inner feeling of success.

For many people in the world, money & connections are a sign of success. The less you have the more insignificant what you do is to them. Unfortunately, this ideology is thriving in the mega-church culture in America and even in distant lands. We boast of our huge following, build Bigger churches, & flaunt our large number of attendees, but does any of that have anything to do with making disciples? I don’t think so!

Jesus is my friend. He’s taught me how to respectfully disagree with the status quo in the church and world system. My financial status does not equate to my satisfaction in life or my success.

I’d been so brainwashed by this covetous, side-hustling, self-promoting, self-branding culture that I almost lost footing. I started this blog years ago because I like to write, read, and post art/photographs. What’s even cooler is combining my interests with encouraging readers and potentially reaching someone who doesn’t know Jesus.

I never seriously considered focusing on artistry because my family, church and community culture all prioritize money. In the opinion of well the masses, you’re successful when you’ve made more money than everyone, well at least more than they expected you to.

But, dear, that is not my definition of success at all. Success is being who you want to be, doing want you love, and never apologizing for it. I value autonomy, integrity, and social causes. Which means that by my definition, I’m already a success. Who knew?

Besides, who cares if I turned a profit if my soul is a gaping festering pus hole?

Talk soon,


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