Remember What He’s Doing


“We all know about gratitude

It’s the attitude of thankfulness

But what about the multitude

Of feelings of hopelessness

When your away from your family

And do not know for sure when you’ll see them

Or when your heart has been broken

And you’re tired of hoping,

Who will listen then?

What about when poverty pounces on you and digs in its claws

Or when addiction won’t loosen its grip and pain locks its jaws

There is comfort in knowing Jesus knows our pain

When no one else understands and there’s no one left to blame

 Give your hurt to Jesus and rise in Jesus name

Shake the ashes off you and blow out that smoldering flame

The fiery trials only proved God’s power and your strength

Beloved, just be held, even held to the fullest extent

Until the tears fade away and you soar to a whole new altitude

Focusing solely on Jesus Christ this is the beauty of gratitude

It’s not just an attitude it changes our perspective and position

We wake up with our minds on Jesus; we are women and men on a mission

So, during difficult times when pain reminds you that you’re human

Trust in the Lord to carry you through and remember what He’s doing”

Jennifer DeNae 2019 (ish)

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