why Pain?

Because pain is the contraction which birth’s promise.

 This blog births the promise that has meconium staining for fear of pushing into the unknown. I have yet to arrive and that day does not exist but what I do is I persist (Phil. 3:14). I desire to reach those with similar aches and pains from rejection, abuse, & neglect.

God uses my triumph over suffering to glimmer into the corneas of the hurting. Even as promise waited patiently, God orchestrated life in such a manner where even evil works for my good. My romance with God, Elohim is something I share with the world to lead others into an intimate relationship with Him.

My adventures as a mother of a remarkable, humorous, Autistic little boy, will demonstrate the love and power of God at work in various situations. My past experiences with incarceration, substance abuse, and trauma are my credentials.

May God continue to bless you in all you do!

Grace to you,


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