Remember What He’s Doing

“We all know about gratitude It’s the attitude of thankfulness But what about the multitude Of feelings of hopelessness When your away from your family And do not know for sure when you’ll see them Or when your heart has been broken And you’re tired of hoping, Who will listen then? What about when poverty…


Broken enough to be made whole Dependent on God enough to be effective The test is the trial The Word of God is my directive. by, Jennifer

Of War and Worship

Miscellaneous, I’m not  Random… never Consequently, Satan plots and preys But the Lord of Hosts Knows my name. He has a detailed plan And I am a part. The more the devil attacks The more I worship The Great I Am! How Great Thou Art!

Unfulfilled Promises of God

God will get all the glory. That’s why your hands are tied. Roads blocked. And needs so great. This is the climate for the miraculous.


Give UP. That’s right. Let go. Stop trying to micromanage Jehovah Shalom and rest in His care. IF you’re like me and thought that God was not moving in your life because you weren’t trying hard enough. Newsflash, we were wrong. God wants your faith in Him more than He wants you picking up stuff…


I used to ask where were you, but I knew that already Absent, not present, the heartbeat of neglect is steady With each pulse, I’m reminded that I never had a father figure So, with each pulse, I strived to make men gawk at my figure Substituting sex with a stranger to compensate for an…